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January 4: Trivia Day

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I love trivia. When I was a kid and Trivial Pursuit came out, I loved to play, even though I rarely got a question right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve played a variety of trivia games and even compiled my own trivia for parties and work breaks.

Robert L Birch of Puns Corps. founded National Trivia Day. The first celebration took place in 1980, a year before Trivial Pursuit debuted.

What makes trivia entertaining? It’s more than just recitation of facts. A good trivia question may make you realize how a specific item, event, or person fits into history. Or it may bring you back to a particular place in time, remembering where and when you first experienced an event. Or it’s tricky enough to bring out some friendly competition, either legitimizing someone’s arrogance or bringing them down a peg.

Celebrate National Trivia with some friends or loved ones with one of the many versions of Trivial Pursuit or any variety of entertaining trivia games–in person or online. Have fun!



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