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10. Pre-Op Diet


Yesterday was Day One of my pre-op liquid diet. My “food” for the day (in no particular order) consisted of four protein shakes, hot tea, water, and a bowl of beef broth for dinner. I was tired, cold, and hungry all day, but the beef broth was actually pretty tasty and filling.

Today is more of the same. Tired, cold, hungry, and a little crabby. Hubby is being very supportive. He feels guilty eating when I can’t. I told him that this is my choice, and it’s the price of admission to this journey. Besides, after 10 years of being gluten free, I’m used to being deprived of food I can’t have.

Thursday I have my pre-op appointment with the surgeon, although my surgery date isn’t until December 30. We’re still waiting on insurance approval, but they don’t anticipate any issues on that front.

I am no longer taking my medication for colitis or the one for muscle pain. The next few weeks will be a bit tricky in that regard. This whole process has gone by so quickly, I just keep reminding myself that it will all be behind me very soon.


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