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Nine-Month Check-In

I’m writing this a few days early, while I’m thinking about it. I just realized I started my journey over a year ago! I feel like the last six months I’ve been really slacking (had surgery December 30, 2020). But this morning I was surprised to discover that I’d lost another two pounds. I’m down 64 pounds!

I’m also down from size 22 pants/2X tops to size 16 pants/L tops. That’s probably the biggest difference for me. I recently swapped out my spring/summer wardrobe for fall/winter, and as I try on my old clothes, I can see the progress. I love shopping at thrift stores and buying a whole lot of clothes for just a few bucks, then as I get rid of clothes that are too big, I still have “new” clothes.

This year has been a journey for me. I joke that it only took 13 years to lose my baby weight.


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