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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

Okay, freewriting. I’ve always loved the concept, but I rarely do it. Yet I know some of my best poetry has come out of freewriting.

What I’ve been thinking about lately:

  1. My dad and how he’s shaped my life

  2. My identity

  3. Stress and happiness

  4. Weight. Food. Bleh.

  5. Work/life balance

  6. My wonderful kid

  7. Relationships. Bleh.

  8. How do I meet someone? Will I ever meet someone who fits with me?

  9. Cancer

  10. Blogging

  11. Money. Bleh.

  12. My job. Volunteering.

  13. Progressing on the cello

  14. Winter. Bleh.

I want to blog about all of these things. I will, in time. BUT some of these topics are more personal than others, and while I do want to write about them, I’m a little shy about putting myself out there.

This isn’t a very insightful post, is it? I’m not feeling very creative these days. Work stresses and tires me out, then I get home and want to do nothing. I know it’s just temporary. This too shall pass. So, focus on making it through today, making the best of today, and tomorrow do the same.


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