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Giordano’s, Gurnee


I haven’t had Giordano’s pizza since I was diagnosed with celiac disease back in 2009. As you may know if you have to eat gluten free, there is no such thing as gluten free deep dish pizza, which I sincerely miss.

So when I had a craving for pizza and discovered Giordano’s has a gluten free crust, I had to try it out!

Up Side

  1. 11-inch pizza, which is larger than some restaurants.

  2. The sweet tomato sauce immediately reminds you it’s Giordano’s.

  3. So. Much. Cheese.

  4. You can choose almost any ingredients.

Down Side

  1. Rice crust is thin yet dense and chewy.

  2. A little pricey: I paid $27 + tip for an 11-inch GF pizza with two toppings, a kid’s pepperoni pizza, and two sodas.

Bottom Line

It’s Giordano’s pizza, right? Nah. There are better pizzas out there.


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