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When you first go under,

It's peaceful, silent.

You're in another world,

Almost a dream.

You float downward,

Letting gravity, the moon, the sun,


Take you.

And then you remember

You need to breathe.

Something you never think about,

You take for granted,

Until there's a chance it's gone for good.

You look up--

The surface is so near.

You could go back

If you wanted to.

Do you want to?

The pressure is building

In your chest, your mind.

You have to take a breath soon

Before it's too late.

You look down

At the shackles at your feet.

You bound them just in case

You changed your mind.

Because you didn't want to change your mind.

But the key is in your pocket.

Time is running out,

The pressure is building,

But you're still in control

Of the end.

The journey downward continues,

And soon you aren't sure

You feel the pressure any more,

Or not as much.

You reach into your pocket,

Close your hand around the key.

You look up,

Watch the light at the surface

Getting fainter.


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