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Bucket List

What’s on my bucket list?

I’ve written over the years about my bucket list, the few aspirations I have. I’ve done most of them that are feasible/affordable, and I’m having trouble thinking of anything else to add.

At this point in my life, with life being the way it is in 2022, I’m mostly content. I’d like to more consistently do the things that make me happy – read, write, paint – but I don’t have much to add to the list.

All I can think of right now is to add more places to my list. I want to get to North Carolina and start scoping out our future home. I’d like to visit the kids and grandkids more regularly.

I’d also like to get to more places around the country, especially the East Coast. I can’t fathom international travel for the foreseeable future, because of COVID, dietary restrictions, and the cost.

So for now I’ll stick with my comfortable life and focus on contentment.


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