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A Day in the Life of an Adoption Screener

Wake up to an email from a disgruntled applicant, upset because it took so long to respond to his application and the cat he wanted wasn’t available. I don’t have the emotional energy to reply.

Drink a few cups of coffee and snuggle with my animals before I take a quick shower.

Login to my real job, check work emails, then simultaneously: respond to a few emails, place a few calls, do a preliminary review of new applications that have come in, figure out where I am with applications in process, and touch base via text and email with the other cat application screener.

Mid-afternoon, after I’m at a good place to stop for the day with my real job, take a drive to drop off weeks worth of adoption paperwork and some donated items at the Animal Education and Rescue office because I haven’t gotten that way in a while.

On the way home, stop at Chipotle to pick up dinner for me and the hubs. While I’m waiting, call a few approved adopters to touch base on next steps, and call a few fosters.

Get home with dinner, feed the animals, and sit down to eat. Get myself organized for the evening, opening tabs for everything so I don’t forget what I want to do before I’m done for the evening (including placing a grocery order for pickup tomorrow).

Call some more adopters and leave messages. Get a call from a foster calling me back.

While I’m on the phone with her, the adopters I called earlier called me back. Return their calls next.

Go through emails that have accumulated throughout the day. Go through today’s applications, get them organized. There are a few that are for kittens that we’ve been trying to place for a few weeks, so those are a priority. After interviewing an applicant, place calls to their references and leave messages.

By now it’s too late to get to my Christmas cards, so we’ll see if that gets done tomorrow.

Browse Facebook for a few minutes. As I’m writing this, a reference calls back. We have a nice discussion. Sometimes these reference calls are so nice, you want to become friends.

Now it’s 9:00 and I have to start thinking about winding down for the night. There’s more to do tomorrow.


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